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 # 19 - Echaw Creek 



 Rated: Moderate 

 2 - 2.5 miles, one-way 


 Echaw is a small black water creek with tidal 

 influence. Be prepared for otherworldly, 

 "jurassic" sights at this special place. At lower 

 water levels, there are cypress trees with buttresses 

 as wide as your kayak is long! And the variety of 

 unusual trees and cypress knees is unmatched 
-anywhere in the Southeast. Plan time to just 
-explore, meander and enjoy this treat of a paddle. 


Difficulty:  Easy to Moderate. There is a slight current and log jams can make navigating the upper part of the creek tough. Be prepared for adventure, including pulling/dragging your boat over obstacles. 

Distance:  2 - 2.5 miles, one-way, best suited as exploration.

Time2 - 3 hours.


Put In / Take Out:  Pitch Landing, Forest Road 192 (off FR 151), Jamestown, SC 29453. There is signage for “Pitch Landing.” GPS: 33.246968, -79.577922 or 33°14’49.1”N, 79°34’40.5”W. If you search “Pitch Landing Echaw Creek SC,” all GPS mapping applications recognize this location.​

Fees/Permits:  None.


Current:  The creek’s current flows east towards the Santee River.

Tidal Influence:  Yes, there is a negligible tidal influence from the Santee River. Approximately 2.75 hours behind Charleston Harbor tide table. 

Precautions:  It’s rare to see motorized boats above the landing. The biggest precaution is log jams and cypress knees right beneath the water surface. It’s advisable to wear bright orange during hunting season in the Francis Marion National Forest.

Water Level:  This Blueway paddle trail is most affected by the Santee River water level. For the most enjoyable paddle with the best viewing of the cypress trees and other interesting creek features, water levels between 5 – 9 ft. are best. Santee River Water Levels, click HERE.

So Much History Nearby: Did you know Berkeley County has more than 110 historical markers and historical points of interest? CLICK HERE to find your Adventures in History!

Weather on the Trail:  Click HERE


  Echaw Creek PHOTO GALLERY  

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